The inspiring story of Dr. Nitin Shakya’s path to becoming an IAS officer, despite facing numerous failures and obstacles, is truly remarkable. Discover the remarkable journey of a young boy who was initially prevented from taking the Class 12 examination, yet managed to overcome the odds by becoming a doctor and ultimately succeeding in cracking the UPSC exam.

The prevailing belief often suggests that individuals who excel academically in school are more deserving of prestigious and respected positions like the IAS. However, Nitin Shakya defied this mindset by successfully cracking the UPSC, despite his tumultuous relationship with his studies during his school years.

Remarkably, Nitin Shakya encountered a major setback when he was denied his admit card to appear for the Class 12 board exam, as the principal firmly believed that Shakya would inevitably fail. Nevertheless, Nitin’s unwavering determination, strong work ethic, and dedication proved to be unshakable.

Not only did Nitin Shakya successfully pass the Class 12 board exam, but he also achieved impressive scores. This remarkable achievement provided him with a significant confidence boost, leading him to make a momentous decision—to pursue the medical entrance exam.

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After clearing the medical entrance exam, Nitin Shakya pursued his MBBS degree from Maulana Azad Medical College. He specialized in Anesthesia and critical care and later became affiliated with esteemed institutions such as Lok Nayak Hospital, Guru Nanak Eye Centre, and Sushruta Trauma Centre.

Upon completing his graduation, Nitin Shakya dedicated himself to working with children residing in slums. It was during this time that he realized he could make a more substantial and transformative impact on their lives by becoming an IAS officer. Motivated by his desire to serve society and contribute meaningfully, Nitin Shakya embarked on his preparations for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE).

In his initial attempt, Nitin Shakya successfully cleared the UPSC CSE prelims and mains. However, he fell short by 10 marks during the interview stage. Despite this setback, he did not lose hope and decided to give it another try. Unfortunately, during his second attempt, he was unable to clear the main examination. Undeterred, Nitin persisted and made a third attempt, but unfortunately, he couldn’t even pass the first stage of the civil services exam.

While facing a series of continuous failures, many individuals would find themselves deeply disheartened. However, Nitin Shakya’s unwavering belief in the power of continuous hard work propelled him forward. With determination and perseverance, he appeared for the UPSC exam for the fourth time, and in 2018, he achieved his long-awaited success by cracking the exam and fulfilling his dream of becoming an IAS officer.