Madhur turned down numerous top-tier companies before finally accepting a lucrative job offer from Microsoft, the tech giant founded by Bill Gates. He secured an impressive annual salary of Rs 50 lakh.

Madhur Rakheja, a resident of Ambala Cantonment in Haryana, turned down multiple job offers before securing a coveted position with the company he had set his sights on. Coming from a family where his father is a shopkeeper and his mother a homemaker, Madhur is an engineering graduate from the esteemed University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) in Dehradun. His perseverance and determination paid off when he landed a lucrative package with his desired company.

Madhur Rakheja created a buzz in town when he landed a job at Microsoft, the tech giant founded by Bill Gates, with a remarkable salary of Rs 50 lakh per annum. What made this achievement even more remarkable was that he had turned down significant offers from renowned companies like Cognizant, Optum, and Amazon before securing this coveted placement.

Rakheja completed his primary education at SD Vidya School and later attended Major RN Kapoor DAV Public School. In 2018, he enrolled in UPES to pursue a degree in computer science engineering, specializing in oil and gas informatics. Throughout his college years, Rakheja took on internships at Phemesoftware and later at the e-commerce giant Amazon, where he worked as a Software Development Engineer.

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During an interview, Madhur expressed his admiration for UPES, acknowledging the university’s excellent placement opportunities. When it came to campus placements, Madhur had a specific list of companies in mind that he aspired to work for. Along with Microsoft, he applied to prominent firms such as Infosys, Amazon, Cognizant, DE Shaw, and Optum. Eventually, Madhur received attractive offers from three of these companies: Microsoft, Amazon, and Optum.

According to Madhur’s LinkedIn profile, he has been a full-time employee at Microsoft since August 2022. He is currently working as a software engineer in the Outlook team. His primary focus is on developing ‘Outlook Lite,’ a specialized version of the email application designed for low-end smartphones. Madhur is currently based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.