A Velumani is a former employee of BARC, where he served for 14 years. Currently, his residence is located in Mumbai.

A viral photograph captures Dr. A Velumani, the millionaire founder of Thyrocare, traveling on a Mumbai Local train. Despite his immense wealth, he maintains humility and a grounded attitude, remembering his modest beginnings when his family income was Rs 50.

Born into a farming family in 1959, A Velumani hails from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. With his father unable to work due to illness, their income was meager. A young Velumani started working at a chemist’s shop at 19, earning a modest salary of Rs 150. He faced financial constraints, even unable to afford slippers. Out of his earnings, he sent Rs 100 to support his family, keeping Rs 50 for himself each month.

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After applying for a job at the Bhabha Research Centre, he experienced a significant salary increase to Rs 800. In addition to his job, he offered tuition to boost his income. With savings and partial withdrawal from his PF account, he invested Rs 1 lakh to establish Thyrocare. His first testing lab, located in Mumbai, began generating profits within three months of operation.

He gained 14 years of work experience at BARC, where he encountered instances when he had to sleep overnight in the lab itself.

In 2021, he sold a significant 66% stake of the company to PharmEasy for an impressive amount of Rs 4546 crore. Thyrocare currently operates 1122 outlets and testing centers. Dr. A Velumani leads a humble life, residing in a quarter above one of his labs in Mumbai, reflecting his down-to-earth nature.