An Uber driver in Delhi has become an internet sensation for offering complimentary snacks, Wi-Fi, water, and other amenities to his passengers. He also revealed that he rarely ever cancels a ride over the past seven years.

The primary expectation of customers from taxi drivers is that they do not cancel their bookings. Today, let’s learn about Abdul Qadeer, a cab driver based in Delhi, who ensures a comfortable journey for his customers by providing free snacks, beverages, first-aid supplies, Wi-Fi, and more. 

Shyamlal Yadav, a Twitter user, shared a photo on the microblogging platform, showcasing his delightful experience with Abdul Qadeer (48), the Uber driver from Delhi. In his tweet, he wrote, “Had an interesting Uber ride today with Abdul Qadeer, 48. He offers free first-aid kit and other essentials to passengers, as well as a donation box for underprivileged children. He hardly ever cancels a ride in 7 years. Impressed!”

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It’s noteworthy that the Uber driver has amenities such as Wi-Fi, tissues, perfume, an umbrella, and toothpicks. These items are neatly organized behind the seats and clearly labeled for easy access by passengers.

Inside the cab, there are two additional instructions. The first one states, “We appreciate people of all religions. Different faiths can be recognized based on attire. Kindly request: Let’s treat each other with respect. Let’s use what works well for society as our model.” The second instruction reveals the Wi-Fi password.

Netizens were greatly impressed by this and expressed their reactions, showering praise on him. Here are some of the comments shared.