During the latest placement season, a student from the National Institute of Technology Warangal (NIT-W) achieved a remarkable feat by securing the highest number of job offers ever recorded in the institute’s history. Notably, NIT-W surpassed the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in terms of the highest-paying job offers received by its students for the first time.

Among the top achievers was Aditya Singh, a final-year MTech student, who excelled in the campus placement process and secured a groundbreaking job offer of Rs 88 lakh per year. In comparison, the highest MTech package at IIT Hyderabad this time was reported to be Rs 63.8 lakh per annum, according to a Times of India report. Aditya Singh is pursuing an MTech in Computer Science.

After enduring numerous rejections, the company that extended an offer to Aditya during the campus placement process became his final opportunity. Out of all the candidates, Aditya was the sole individual selected after successfully navigating through three rigorous rounds. Aditya, in an interview with a regional news channel, expressed his astonishment as he had initially set his sights on a package ranging from Rs 20-30 lakh, which is typically the standard at the institute.

When questioned about his academic performance throughout school, Aditya candidly shared that he had attained a modest 75 percent in Class 10. However, he made a conscious decision to approach his studies with greater dedication and achieved an impressive 96 percent in Class 12. Determined to secure admission at NIT-W, Aditya took a gap year to prepare and successfully gained admission into the institute.

Aditya, the son of a lawyer, considered himself fortunate when an unexpected opportunity presented itself on campus. In addition to his diligent efforts, his decision to participate in the company’s placement process played a crucial role. Aditya began independently studying coding and sought assistance from his brother, who attends IIIT Allahabad. The lockdown period proved advantageous for him, as he dedicated time to coding practice without the pressure of assignments.