A software engineer from Chennai recently took to social media to share how a basic game hack led to him being offered an interview with the tech giant, Google.

Akshay Narisetti posted a video showcasing a hack of the Chrome Dino Game, accompanied by a caption stating, “This project earned me an interview with Google.”

Using a microcontroller called Arduino, Narisetti was able to program a device that would press the spacebar, allowing the dinosaur to jump over every obstacle in the Chrome Dino Game with ease. Despite his success, he ultimately scored only 300 points.

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After posting a video of himself playing the ‘dino game’ on Twitter and LinkedIn, a Google employee approached Akshay Narisetti and asked him for an interview. However, there was a catch. It was not the game itself that caught the attention of Google, but rather the way Narisetti was playing it.

Akshay showcased his coding skills by playing the Chrome Dino Game online, and later shared a video of it on LinkedIn. A member of Google’s Tech Hiring team saw the video and reached out to Akshay with an offer. The message read, “I was amazed watching your ‘Dino Game’. If you are interested in working for Google, please send me your updated CV and I will notify you when we have a suitable opportunity.”

The tweet was shared on Twitter a few days ago and has since received over 19.9 million views.

Numerous users left comments on his post, expressing their admiration for the hack.