The initial woman heading a unicorn is the same woman who was ranked as the youngest self-made millionaire in the nation according to the Hurun list.

Normally, a male is expected to hold the CEO position. However, Ambiga Subramanian is disproving common misconceptions and setting positive examples for young females. Ambiga Subramanian is the pioneer female in charge of an Indian unicorn, a startup with a valuation exceeding 8,200 crores.

Subramanian previously served as the CEO of Mu Sigma, a data analytics firm, and was ranked as the youngest among India’s eight wealthiest self-made women in the Hurun India rich list of 2017. She secured the fourth position with an impressive net worth of Rs 2,500 crore in the Hurun report.

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Dhiraj Rajaram, Subramanian’s former spouse, established the company in 2004. After their divorce, Subramanian sold 24% of her stakes to Rajaram, granting him controlling ownership of the firm.

Subramanian completed her BE in Electrical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. Later, she pursued an MS in Computer Engineering from Wayne State University, Michigan.

As stated in her LinkedIn profile, Subramanian commenced her career as the director for innovation in 2007, progressing to the role of the company’s head of talent management in 2010. In 2012, she assumed the position of chief operating officer, which she held until January 2016, when she transitioned to the role of CEO.