When a famous actress joined Bollywood in 1983, she captured everyone’s attention with her glamorous style. She starred in several successful movies alongside Salman Khan, Jackie Shroff, Sunny Deol, and Vinod Khanna. But the focus shifted to her relationship with Vinod Khanna, sparking much discussion. They even appeared together in a hit film, but her mum disapproved, and their love story remained incomplete.

The actress who starred alongside Sunny Deol is Amrita Singh. Right from the start of her career, Amrita made her mark in the industry, playing strong roles in many hit films. Before meeting Saif Ali Khan, there were rumors about her and Vinod Khanna. In the ’80s, it was speculated they might tie the knot, but their relationship hit a roadblock. It’s common for stars to fall in love while working together, and they were no exception.

Rumors flew about Amrita and Vinod’s romance when they met on the set of the popular film ‘Batwara’ in 1989. Amrita instantly liked the charming Vinod Khanna and became a fan. They grew fond of each other during the shoot, and news of their affair made headlines. People even joked that Vinod was like a father figure to Amrita, but she focused on her career, ignoring the gossip.

However, when Amrita’s mother discovered their relationship, she disapproved. One reason was Vinod Khanna being 12 years older and divorced. Allegedly, Amrita’s mother used her connections to separate them, leading to their eventual breakup.

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After parting ways with Vinod Khanna, Amrita met Saif Ali Khan during a photoshoot. She was a leading actress at the time, while Saif was a newcomer, 12 years her junior. Despite the age gap, they married in 1991. However, after 13 years, their marriage ended in divorce.