Navneet Sikera’s story is that he belongs to the 1996 batch of Indian Police Service officers. His father was a farmer, and he completed his education in a Hindi medium school.

Navneet Sikera, an IPS officer in the Uttar Pradesh Police, is renowned for instilling fear in the minds of criminals and has achieved cult status in Western UP. He is also recognized for his efforts in assisting the general public. His life journey is incredibly inspiring, as he chose to join the Indian Police Service instead of the Indian Administrative Service with the sole aim of eradicating crime.

The officer from the 1996 batch had a father who worked as a farmer, and he completed his education in a Hindi medium school. After being mocked for his poor English while attending Delhi’s Hansraj College, he was disappointed and decided to seek admission into IIT. Eventually, he completed his graduate from IIT Delhi, where he could have easily landed a high-paying job. However, his decision to join the civil services prevailed.

Here’s why Navneet Sikera chose to become an IPS officer. While his parents were in their village, some influential individuals took possession of their land. When they went to the police station to file a complaint, the personnel misbehaved with them. Navneet Sikera was present during the incident, which occurred solely because the opposing party held more influence. Determined to make a change from within the system, he resolved to become a police officer.

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Initially, Navneet Sikera aspired to pursue M-Tech. However, after the incident, he decided to prepare for civil services and successfully cleared the UPSC examination with top rankings. Although he could have become an IAS officer, he was determined to eliminate crime from society and opted for IPS instead. He was initially posted in Gorakhpur and subsequently in Meerut.

At the time when Navneet Sikera joined IPS, Western UP was plagued with rampant crime and criminals. Nevertheless, after his posting in Meerut, the situation began to change for the better. He grew in popularity, and his transfer out of Meerut caused public protests.

Navneet Sikera has also garnered fame in the entertainment industry. A web series named Bhaukaal-2, which features Mohit Raina as Navneet Sikera, has been released and received acclaim from both critics and the public.