Anurag Kumar, a name that now resonates with determination and triumph, has become an inspiration for countless aspirants aiming to conquer the challenging UPSC Mains Exam 2023. His journey exemplifies the unwavering power of perseverance and dedication.

From Graduation Failure To IAS: The Transformation 

Anurag Kumar’s academic path took an unforeseen turn when he encountered a setback during his graduation. However, this setback became the catalyst for his eventual success. Driven by this challenge, he resolved to pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), a decision that would transform his destiny.

Who IS IAS Anurag Kumar?

Hailing from the Katihar district in Bihar, Anurag Kumar’s educational journey began in a Hindi-medium school. Transitioning to an English-medium program in Class 8 brought its own set of challenges. Despite starting as an average student, Anurag’s steadfast determination paved the way for a remarkable transformation.

Triumph And Defeat 

Anurag’s commitment to excellence shone through when he secured a commendable 90% in his Class 10 Board exams. However, a stumble in the pre-board mathematics exam during Class 12 momentarily derailed his progress. Unfazed by the setback, he rallied his efforts and achieved an impressive score of over 90%, earning admission to Delhi’s prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce.

Battling Graduation Setbacks 

While Anurag obtained his degree, his journey was riddled with challenges. Overcoming numerous failed subjects during his graduation, he persevered, successfully earning his degree and subsequently enrolling in a post-graduate program.

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Cracking UPSC Exam Without Coaching 

Anurag Kumar’s post-graduation phase marked a turning point. With renewed determination, he embarked on his UPSC journey. Diligently studying and meticulously preparing, Anurag’s hard work bore fruit when he cleared the UPSC exam on his first attempt in 2017, securing the 677th rank.

A Remarkable Second Attempt

However, Anurag Kumar’s unyielding spirit pushed him further. Unsatisfied with his initial rank, he embarked on a journey of even greater perseverance. Undertaking his preparations once again, in the 2018 UPSC CSE exam, he achieved a remarkable feat, securing the All India Rank (AIR) 48. Today, Anurag Kumar serves as a District Development Council officer in Bhagalpur, a living testament to his unwavering journey from adversity to triumph.