The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, often regarded as one of India’s most challenging tests, draws in numerous aspirants each year, all vying to conquer it and secure the esteemed position of an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer. While only a select few emerge victorious in cracking this rigorous assessment, the IAS role continues to hold its esteemed stature as a pinnacle of honor in the nation.

In this context, the remarkable journey of Hari Chandana Dasari, hailing from Telangana, shines as an inspiring tale. Choosing to forsake a distinguished international job, Hari took the audacious path of becoming an IAS officer, dedicating herself to the service of the nation and its people.

Hari’s educational voyage commenced in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, where she completed her schooling and subsequently her 12th grade at the renowned St. Ann’s institution. Her pursuit of higher education led her to complete her undergraduate studies at St. Ann’s College, followed by postgraduate studies at the esteemed University of Hyderabad. With her father’s legacy as an IAS officer and her mother’s dedicated homemaking, Hari’s background played a pivotal role in shaping her aspirations.

Equipped with an M.Sc in Environmental Economics from the prestigious London School of Economics, Hari embarked on a professional journey, commencing with her service at the World Bank. Her trajectory then led her to BP Shell in London, where she garnered valuable experience and insights.

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However, a deeper calling to contribute meaningfully to society resonated within Hari. Reflecting on her father’s unwavering commitment to public service, she resolved to follow in his footsteps. In 2010, after persevering through her second attempt, Hari triumphed in cracking the UPSC exam, securing her place in the distinguished IAS 2010 Batch of Telangana’s state cadre.

Since her induction into the civil services, Hari Chandana Dasari has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the betterment of society. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed, with accolades pouring in for her relentless endeavors, including the coveted Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration. Her roles, spanning from the position of Hyderabad’s Joint Collector, have been marked by exceptional dedication and excellence.

As we celebrate the triumph of Hari Chandana Dasari, we are reminded of the indomitable spirit that propels individuals to pursue the path of public service, making a tangible difference in the lives of the marginalized and the society at large. Her journey exemplifies the core values of dedication, service, and honor that lie at the heart of the IAS legacy.