Anushka Sharma revealed that she had been diligently preparing for the UPSC exam for the past three years and, at long last, she triumphed by cracking it on her third attempt.

Anushka Sharma, hailing from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, made headlines on Tuesday, May 23, by achieving the 20th rank in the UPSC Civil Services exam. The UPSC Civil Services Final Result 2023 was officially announced by the UPSC Civil Service Commission on Tuesday, and Anushka’s remarkable achievement caught widespread attention.

Anushka Sharma’s cousin, Himani Sharma, is an IAS officer and serves as an inspiration to Anushka. Reflecting on her journey, Anushka stated, “Although this was my third attempt at UPSC, I was resolute and unwavering in my determination to succeed.”

“I completed my graduation from the City University of New York, and subsequently, I made the decision to pursue the path of becoming a UPSC officer,” added Anushka Sharma.

According to Anushka Sharma, her cousin Himani Sharma, an IAS officer, played a significant role in assisting her with the preparation for the UPSC exam. Anushka mentioned, “I did not enroll in any coaching institute but relied on taking mock tests to assess my level of preparedness.”

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Anushka Sharma originally hails from Rajasthan, but her family has recently relocated to Indore. Anushka revealed that she had been diligently preparing for the UPSC exam for the past three years and, at long last, she succeeded in cracking the UPSC exam on her third attempt.

Anushka Sharma’s father served as a bank officer, which required him to be transferred regularly. Due to this, Anushka experienced frequent relocations during her upbringing. She completed her 10th grade education in Mumbai, and then spent two years studying in Chandigarh. Anushka further shared that she pursued her graduation in Economics from The City University of New York.

Anushka Sharma possesses a deep love for music, and whenever she took breaks from her UPSC exam preparation, she would indulge in listening to music. Anushka also expressed her fondness for dancing, emphasizing that she stayed actively engaged in dance and exercise even while preparing for the UPSC exam.