Cracking the UPSC exam is no easy task. People who want to become IAS, IPS, or IFS officers work hard for years to achieve this. It’s not just a job; for them, it’s a matter of life and death.

Aspirants put everything into preparing for the exam. Some leave their well-paying jobs, while others face financial difficulties. We often celebrate those who succeed despite coming from areas with fewer resources, but we overlook the struggles of those who abandon promising careers to serve the nation.

One such person is Apala Mishra, an IFS officer. She was a doctor but gave up her practice to crack the exam. It took her three years, but when she finally succeeded, she became the highest scorer in the interview round that year.

Image Source: India Today

Apala, from Ghaziabad, comes from a military family. Her father is a retired Colonel, and her brother serves as a Major. Education has always been a priority for her, starting from school. She pursued a degree in Dental Surgery but always aspired to be an IAS officer. After completing her studies, she began preparing for the UPSC exam.

In 2018, she tried for the first time but couldn’t clear the preliminary exam. Undeterred, she tried again in 2019, facing another setback. However, Apala remained determined. After rigorous studies, she attempted the UPSC exam for the third time in 2020 and finally succeeded.

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Not only did she crack the exam, but she also secured the top rank with AIR 9. Scoring 215 out of 275 marks, she set a new record. Apala Mishra’s dedication is an inspiration for the millions dreaming of becoming civil servants one day.