Arvind Tiku, based in Singapore, worked as a commodities trader before starting his oil and gas business in Kazakhstan.

Arvind Tiku, originally from India and now living in Singapore, is a billionaire with a net worth of USD 2.5 billion as of April 17, 2023. He has investments in property and renewable energy and runs a company called AT Holdings.

Arvind Tiku was born in India but moved to Russia at 18 to study mechanical engineering. After working as a commodities trader, he started his oil and gas business in Kazakhstan.

Arvind Tiku has investments in Prime US REIT and IREIT Global, as well as real estate development projects in the Netherlands and India.

Arvind Tiku, who owns a private jet, chooses to use Uber for his international business travel.

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Arvind Tiku made news in 2021 when he bought some shares of Judo Bank in Australia. He used to own some shares of Nostrum Oil & Gas as well.

Arvind Tiku used to be a shareholder and director on the Board of Nelson Resources Limited, an oil and gas company listed on the Toronto and London Stock Exchanges. He also founded and served as General Director for Agro Invest, a grain-producing and storage company based in Kazakhstan from 1995 to 1999.

Arvind Tiku holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Kazakh National Technical University. He moved to Singapore in 2007 and is fluent in English, Russian, Hindi, and Kashmiri.