Asad Zuberi, an officer of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), faced setbacks on his journey to success. Failing the UPSC exam not once, but twice, he showcased resilience and diligence by eventually conquering the prestigious civil services exam on his third attempt, achieving an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 86.

Zuberi, who holds a BTech degree from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), embarked on his quest for the UPSC exam soon after completing his graduation. Opting for self-study, he delved into rigorous preparation for the exam.

In 2020, Zuberi took his initial shot at the Civil Services exam, only to encounter disappointment. Undeterred, he returned to the challenge in 2021, progressing to the interview stage but narrowly missing the mark in the final evaluation by a mere 8 points.

Driven by an unwavering determination to crack the civil services, Zuberi decided to give it one more try. His perseverance paid off when he secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 86, signaling his triumphant success in the UPSC exam. During his preparation journey, Zuberi chose to enhance his efforts by joining Aligarh Muslim University’s Residential Coaching Academy, benefiting from their valuable test series.

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Reflecting on his approach, Asad Zuberi emphasized the importance of analyzing his past exam mistakes and using those insights to guide his improvement efforts. This methodical approach, combined with his unrelenting dedication, ultimately paved the way for his victory in the UPSC exam with commendable scores.

IFS Officer Asad Zuberi’s remarkable journey serves as an uplifting inspiration for all aspiring UPSC candidates. His story underscores the power of commitment and consistency, demonstrating that with steadfast resolve, anyone can overcome challenges and accomplish their aspirations.