When WWDC23 commences on June 5th, the winners of the challenge will have the opportunity to attend virtually or in person, witnessing the keynote, events, labs, and various activities that are being offered this year to the Apple developer community worldwide.

Each year, as a part of its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple presents a challenge to students worldwide: to develop a unique app playground using the Swift coding language. In a bid to include more students in the event and acknowledge their creativity and innovation, Apple has raised the number of winners from the previous 350 to 375 for this year’s competition.

As WWDC23 commences on June 5th, the recipients of the challenge will be among the participants, attending both virtually and in person, to witness the keynote, events, labs, and various activities that are accessible this year to the worldwide Apple developer community. Among the winners of Apple’s Swift Student Challenge is Asmi Jain, a 20-year-old student from Medi-Caps University in Indore.

Asmi discovered that her friend’s uncle had undergone brain surgery, which unfortunately resulted in eye misalignment and facial paralysis.

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Jain immediately took action and designed her winning app playground with the aim of tracking a user’s eye movements while they attempt to follow a ball moving across the screen. The primary objective of the playground is to assist in strengthening the eye muscles. While it was initially inspired by her friend’s uncle, Jain aspires for it to be beneficial to individuals with different eye conditions and injuries as well.

“It was crucial for me to develop an app playground that could bring about a positive impact on the lives of individuals like him,” Jain expresses. “My next objective is to gather feedback and ensure its effectiveness and user-friendliness before releasing it on the App Store. Ultimately, my goal is to expand its capabilities to strengthen all facial muscles. I hope that one day it can serve as a therapeutic tool, allowing individuals like my friend’s uncle to utilize it at their own pace.”

Jain’s passion for utilizing coding to address healthcare challenges stems from her extensive experience in volunteering to assist those in need. In a recent endeavor, she collaborated with a group of fellow students to establish a forum at her university. The purpose of this forum is to provide a support system for their peers in tackling complex coding issues, fostering a collaborative environment for problem-solving.

“When you sense that you’re a part of something greater, it serves as a source of motivation and propels you to strive for excellence,” Jain explains. “Coding enables me to develop solutions that assist my friends and community, while also granting me a sense of independence that is incredibly empowering.”