A student from Jaipur has landed her dream job, proving that hard work and perseverance can lead to success. The IIM Sambalpur placement season witnessed a milestone as the highest salary of Rs. 64.61 lakhs was offered to a student from Jaipur. The MBA (2021-2023) class at IIM Sambalpur achieved a 100% placement record. The top two students who secured the highest pay packages are from Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.

Meet Avni Malhotra

Jaipur-based Avni Malhotra has made history by securing a coveted job offer from Microsoft. After undergoing rigorous rounds of interviews, Avni impressed the esteemed board at Microsoft with her three years of experience as an Infosys employee and her exemplary B.Tech in computer science. Her efficiency and poise during the interviews played a vital role in bagging the job offer from Microsoft.

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“IIM Sambalpur and the professors that prepared me for this challenging path, I have my sincere gratitude,” according to IIM Sambalpur student Avani Malhotra. IIM Sambalpur student, Avni Malhotra, recently shared her appreciation towards her parents for her success. Avni acknowledged her mother’s constant guidance, who is a teacher, helped her inculcate excellent habits. Moreover, her father has always stressed the significance of effective communication skills.