Chimoo Acharya, the mother-in-law of Karan Deol, is a prominent entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio. She excels in various fields, including wedding planning, styling, interior design, and fashion consultancy.

Karan Deol, the eldest son of Bollywood star Sunny Deol, recently tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Drisha Acharya, in a private ceremony held in Mumbai on June 18. Drisha Acharya is the daughter of Chimoo Acharya and Sumit Acharya. In this article, we will provide further details about Chimoo and Sumit Acharya.

Chimoo Acharya is the daughter of Rinku Bhattacharya, and Rinku Bhattacharya happens to be the granddaughter of renowned filmmaker Bimal Roy. Chimoo and Sumit Acharya currently reside in Dubai.

Chimoo Acharya is a successful businesswoman with a diverse range of ventures. She operates as a wedding planner, stylist, and interior designer, showcasing her expertise in multiple fields. Additionally, Chimoo Acharya is the proud owner of two companies in Dubai: L’atitude Events, specializing in event management, and Encore, focusing on interior design.

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Chimoo Acharya previously held the position of marketing head at the Landmark Group in Dubai. Following her tenure there, in 2002, she established her own events agency called L’atitude. Notably, L’atitude debuted with a concert featuring the renowned Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan.

Chimoo Acharya has led L’atitude to achieve great success, organizing numerous events across various cities such as Mumbai, London, Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In 2010, she launched Encore the Design Studio. Chimoo maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she shares pictures of her designs. Her Instagram account boasts over 100,000 followers.

Chimoo Acharya is married to Sumit Acharya, a Dubai-based businessman who holds the position of Managing Director at BCD Travel Agency. The couple also has a son named Rohan.

Drisha Acharya, Karan Deol’s wife, is employed as a program manager in her father’s company. Having spent her childhood in Dubai, Drisha pursued her education at Jumeirah College in Dubai before proceeding to Canada for further studies.