Shashank Manu started his day at 5 am using a one-day tourist card, beginning his journey on the blue line. He concluded his day at 8:30 pm, reaching the Brigadier Hoshiar Singh station on the green line.

A resident of Delhi set a Guinness World Record by completing a remarkable journey through all 286 metro stations in the city within a time frame of 15 hours, 22 minutes, and 49 seconds.

Shashank Manu, a freelance researcher, has been identified as an individual who achieved a notable feat. With a passion for exploring the Delhi Metro, he successfully completed the task in April 2021, leading to his inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2021, Shashank Manu, an avid traveler who has visited over 70 countries, accomplished a notable feat. However, due to a mix-up, the recognition was mistakenly attributed to Prafull Singh, a revenue inspector with Delhi Metro. It was not until April 2023 that Singh officially received the certification. According to reports, Singh completed the journey across all stations in 16 hours and 2 minutes in 2021.

In order to achieve the record, he made use of a one-day tourist pass. His journey began at 5 am on the blue line and concluded at 8:30 pm at the Brigadier Hoshiar Singh station on the green line. With the tourist card providing him unlimited rides for the day, he was able to navigate the extensive 348-kilometer network.

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According to Manu, the Covid-19 pandemic served as the inspiration behind his decision to take on this challenge. Once the lockdown was lifted and metro services resumed, he embarked on his record attempt. Manu shared these details with the Indian Express.

During his journey, the Delhi man took great care to document every aspect of his voyage. He captured photos, recorded an unedited video, and obtained signatures from fellow passengers on a designated form. To comply with Guinness rules, he was accompanied by two independent witnesses who also adhered to Covid protocols. Furthermore, he meticulously recorded the opening and closing times of train doors at each station.

Through this record, Manu aimed to showcase the remarkable efficiency and impressive qualities of the metro system, which he considers to be the best in the world.

One of Manu’s notable achievements from this endeavor was devising an optimized itinerary that enables efficient transit to all metro stations within the shortest possible timeframe.

The world traveler has achieved records for visiting the highest number of churches within a month and exploring the greatest number of museums in a single day. With these accomplishments, she aspires to establish more records in the future.