The mother and son have traveled more than 66,720 kilometers and are currently in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh.

In India, many people know the story of Shravan Kumar from the Ramayana. He was considered the ideal son who carried his blind parents on his shoulders during their pilgrimage. 

D Krishna Kumar, who is from Mysore, Karnataka, is a modern-day example of Shravan Kumar. He and his mother, Rathna Chooda, traveled around India and four other countries on a 20-year-old Bajaj Chetak scooter that his father had given him before he passed away.

What inspired Kumar to take his mother on an Indian pilgrimage?

Kumar shared why he decided to take his mother on a pilgrimage to India. He remembered asking her about the famous temples in the country and was surprised when she said she didn’t know anything about them and had never been to any temples nearby. After hearing this, he quit his job at a multinational company because he wanted to fulfill his mother’s wish of visiting the temples in India.

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To make his mother’s wish come true, Kumar decided to take her on a trip around India on his scooter. She had been living alone since his father passed away and spent most of her time in their hometown cooking, cleaning, and taking care of their family, like most mothers.

In 2015, Krishna Kumar’s father died. Twenty years earlier, he had given him a Bajaj Chetak scooter that he had customized and used to travel on pilgrimages in India.

Kumar believed that the scooter was a blessing in his life. It wasn’t just a trip for him and his mother; at times, it felt like the whole family was there with them. He felt like his father was there with them in spirit through the scooter.

Rathna Chooda is grateful to her son for taking her to all the religious places in the country and even calling him Shravan Kumar.

Currently, the mother and son are in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, after traveling over 66,720 kilometers.