Darshan Patel lacks formal business education or prior corporate experience.

Almost every Indian is familiar with Fogg’s fragrances, Moov’s pain relief, and Itchguard’s itch relief products, having used them at some point. What many may not know is that these brands share a common visionary – Darshan Patel, a Gujarati businessman who single-handedly built a massive business empire without prior experience. Darshan Patel’s remarkable talent and skills have allowed him to surpass numerous prominent companies, making him a true entrepreneurial success story.

Darshan Patel did not pursue any formal business education nor did he gain experience working for any company. In this article, we will delve into the inspiring success story of Darshan Patel.

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Darshan Patel is the visionary behind Vini Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, where he holds the position of founder and Managing Director. Vini Cosmetics has emerged as the dominant force in the Indian deodorant market, establishing itself as the leading brand in the industry.

Prior to that, he achieved the remarkable feat of transforming his family-owned Paras Pharmaceuticals into the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India. Darshan Patel’s ingenious contributions resulted in the creation of iconic medicine brands like Moov, Krack, Itchguard, Dermicool, and D’cold.

In 2010, Darshan Patel sold Paras Pharmaceuticals, his venture manufacturing various medicinal products such as Crack Heal, Moov, and Itchgard, for a staggering amount of Rs 3,260 crores. Meanwhile, the value of Vini Cosmetics has surged beyond USD 1.2 billion. Concrete details regarding Darshan Patel’s net worth are currently unavailable.