Achieving fame in Bollywood demands immense effort, but retaining that fame is an even greater challenge. Deepshikha Nagpal, an actress with a noteworthy journey, exemplifies this struggle.

In 1993, she marked her entry into the television industry, swiftly gaining recognition not only on TV but also in prominent Bollywood films like ‘Baadshah’ and ‘Karan Arjun,’ where she shared the screen with Shah Rukh Khan. Her breakthrough moment arrived with the film ‘Koyla,’ propelling her towards widespread fame.

Despite capturing the hearts of countless fans, Deepshikha’s personal life often overshadowed her professional accomplishments, drawing more attention to her relationships than her career. 

Deepshikha's personal life
Image Source: BollywoodShaadis

At the tender age of 20, she tied the knot with Jeet Upendra, and together, they welcomed two children. However, their marriage concluded in divorce after a decade. Subsequently, in 2012, she entered matrimony with Keshav Arora, her co-actor from ‘Yeh Dooriyan.’ Regrettably, this union dissolved in 2016 after four years.

Presently aged 46, Deepshikha stands as a resilient single mother, dedicatedly raising her two children, Vedhika and Vivaan, while navigating the challenges of life and the entertainment industry.