Deshal Dan Charan’s success story is both unique and inspiring. Hailing from Sumalai village in Rajasthan, Deshal, the son of a tea vendor named Kushaldan, achieved an outstanding feat by securing an All India Rank of 82 in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) CSE 2017 exam, becoming an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer.

Deshal’s journey is remarkable, considering the financial challenges his family faced. Despite financial constraints, Kushaldan, Deshal’s father, who owned a small farm and sold tea, took loans to support his son’s education. Deshal’s desire to join the IAS had been present since his childhood, and his family’s humble background did not deter his ambitions.

With limited educational institutions in the area, Deshal’s accomplishment becomes even more noteworthy. His father’s determination to provide educational opportunities, despite financial hardships, played a crucial role in Deshal’s success. Tragedy struck when Deshal’s older brother, who excelled academically and was selected for the Indian Navy, was martyred in a submarine accident. This incident deeply affected Deshal, but he persevered and dedicated himself to his studies.

After passing the JEE exam, Deshal pursued engineering at IIIT Jabalpur. Although he could have opted for a lucrative private job after graduation, he chose a different path—preparing for the UPSC. The lack of financial resources didn’t deter Deshal; instead, he worked tirelessly, realizing the need to crack the exam quickly.

Deshal’s diligence and unwavering efforts paid off, and he successfully passed the UPSC Civil Services Examination on his first attempt at the age of 24. His achievement is particularly noteworthy as he accomplished this without the assistance of a coach. During the 2017 UPSC examination, he secured the 82nd All India Rank.

Deshal’s success not only changed his destiny but also became a source of motivation for his seven siblings, all of whom enlisted in the Indian Navy. His journey from the son of a tea vendor to an IAS officer serves as a testament to the power of determination and hard work in overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s aspirations.