As efforts continue to rescue the 41 workers trapped at the Silkyara tunnel collapse site in Uttarakhand, International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association president Arnold Dix has arrived at the location to assist in the rescue operations.

Arnold Dix expressed confidence that the trapped workers would be brought home soon. Speaking from the tunnel site, he commended the rescue team’s efforts, particularly highlighting the 900 pipeline as one of the options for the rescue mission. However, he acknowledged the technical difficulties associated with this method and emphasized the implementation of multiple rescue missions.

Professor Dix identified two locations for vertical drilling, both on the Silkyara side of the high-altitude under-construction tunnel. He stated his conviction that all 41 trapped individuals would be rescued, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of government agencies and their dedication to the mission. 

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Professor Arnold Dix is an expert in underground and transportation infrastructure, specializing in construction risk and safety performance. Widely recognized as the world’s leading expert on underground tunnelling, he received the Alan Neyland Australasian Tunnelling Society bi-annual award for excellence in tunnelling in 2011. In 2022, Professor Dix was honoured with a Committee Service Award by the National Fire Protection Association of the United States for his continuous and valuable contributions to developing codes and standards for tunnel safety.