In a surprising turn of events at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, final between India and Australia held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad this Sunday, a spectator donning a ‘Free Palestine’ t-shirt and sporting a Palestine flag face mask managed to breach tight security and approach Virat Kohli for a hug.

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The incident raised eyebrows among onlookers, considering the spectator not only invaded the pitch but also embraced the renowned cricketer, catching everyone off guard. Identified as Wen Johnson, the individual expressed solidarity with Palestine, a nation grappling with ongoing attacks from Israel since Hamas initiated an unexpected offensive in southern Israel on October 7.

According to Ahmedabad Police, Wen Johnson, who described himself as a fervent Virat Kohli fan, attended the match to enjoy the game. Motivated by his admiration for Kohli, he crossed the railing and made his way onto the playing field.

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Subsequently, a case has been officially registered against Wen Johnson for unauthorized entry during the India-Australia World Cup final match. The legal action has been initiated at Chandkheda Police Station in Ahmedabad under sections 332 and 447 of the Indian Penal Code, about unauthorized entry into the Gujarat Cricket Association’s stadium. The Ahmedabad Police are actively addressing the incident, ensuring that the legal process unfolds as necessary.