A very special day in Ayodhya, on January 22. The sacred Ram Mandir is going to be even more divine as the idol of Lord Ram will be placed inside. The entire city looks beautiful with flowers and bright lights as people eagerly wait for the consecration ceremony in the afternoon. This moment is even more special because the Ram Mandir was built with money donated by devotees.

One remarkable contributor is Dilip Kumar V Lakhi and his family, who are well-known diamond merchants from Surat. They have made an extraordinary donation of 101 kg of gold, worth about 68 crores rupees. This gold will be used to decorate the doors, sanctum sanctorum, Trishul, damaru, and pillars of the Ram Mandir, adding a special touch to the sacred structure.

Right now, the price of gold is around 68,000 rupees for 10 grams. So, the total value of the Lakhi family’s donation of 101 kgs of gold is an impressive 68 crores. This is the biggest donation the Ram Mandir Trust has received so far.

Other notable contributors include Morari Bapu, a spiritual leader, who donated 11.3 crores, and Ram devotees from the United States, Canada, and Britain, who together contributed 8 crores. Govindbhai Dholakia, a diamond magnate from Gujarat, also gave a significant sum of 11 crores. 

When we look at temple donations worldwide, the Mahavir Mandir in Patna leads, contributing a substantial 10 crores towards the construction of the Ram Mandir.

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The generosity of individuals and organizations shows the strong devotion and unity of people across the country. This shared dedication sets a great example and inspires future generations.