Christy, the official towel maker for Wimbledon since 1988, was acquired by Dipali Goenka’s company in 2006 for a sum exceeding Rs 100 crore.

Owned by an Indian firm, Christy holds a rich heritage in producing exclusive towels for the renowned tennis event. Welspun India, led by MD and CEO Dipali Goenka, is the proud proprietor of this prestigious UK brand with a history spanning 170 years, supplying towels to Wimbledon.

With a market capitalization of Rs 9,400 crore, Welspun aims to capitalize on the association between Christy and Wimbledon, as stated by Goenka. She intends to expand the brand globally and has recently introduced a new seasonal towel in pink and fuchsia shades, in addition to the traditional green and purple options.

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Christy has been the official towel maker for Wimbledon since 1988. Dipali Goenka’s company purchased Christy in a deal worth over Rs 100 crore in 2006. Goenka expressed her pride in manufacturing towels in India for both the world and Wimbledon, according to her interview with PTI. Sales of Wimbledon towels are seasonal, and Goenka plans to sell over 2 lakh pieces this year, compared to 1.1 lakh pieces in 2022. She also intends to expand the brand’s presence in the United States.

Dipali Goenka, the CEO, is a prominent female business leader in India and an alumnus of Harvard University. She co-manages the textile giant with her husband, BK Goenka, who serves as the company’s Chairman. According to Forbes, BK Goenka boasts a net worth of more than Rs 14,000 crore ($1.7 billion).