Vyom, renowned for his acting prowess, had aspirations of becoming a professional football player during his school days.

Vyom Yadav, who gained recognition for his role as the protagonist in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s web series “Garmi,” is an emerging star and a gifted actor. His portrayal of a multi-faceted character captivated audiences, demonstrating his exceptional acting abilities and commanding screen presence.

Vyom, who has earned acclaim for his acting prowess, harbored aspirations of becoming a football player during his school days. Interestingly enough, he pursued engineering and even worked for an IT company for a period of time.

Early Life

When asked if he was an intelligent student, the actor chuckled and replied, “Well, let’s just say I know how to get things done.”

The actor disclosed that his parents desired certainty in their child’s career. Expanding on the topic, he explained that parents always seek security and assurance for their child’s future. Therefore, when he initially expressed his desire to become a football player, his father was not particularly pleased due to the challenging conditions faced by football players in India. This led to a silent conflict between him and his dad. However, he found solace in theater, which became an outlet for him to express himself.

How he used to spend Saturday

Vyom, who currently works on Saturdays too, used to dedicate his weekends to spending quality time with his family. During an interview with DNA, the 23-year-old actor reminisced about his college days as a teenager. He recalled staying at home and cherishing moments with his family, as well as going out with friends to engage in activities like football, cricket, and other sports. He expressed a strong inclination towards sports during that phase of his life.

“When I was in college, I pursued engineering, and my weekdays were jam-packed with a constant flurry of activities. It felt like a continuous cycle of rushing around. Alongside my studies, I was also involved in theater, so my weekdays were typically a mix of attending college and immersing myself in theatrical pursuits. As a result, weekends became a much-needed period of rest for me.”

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College Life

Vyom pursued engineering from Delhi University. When asked about his priorities between placements and acting, the actor responded, “To be honest, I won’t boast about it. I believed that I could crack the placement without putting in much effort, and it actually happened. During my college days, there was a competitive atmosphere among everyone, with discussions about who would land the highest-paying job or achieve certain milestones. I aimed for a decent placement, which I managed to secure. So, I would say I was around 20% invested in the placement aspect. However, deep down, I knew that I wouldn’t be staying in that field for long.”

When discussing his popularity during his college days, the actor affirmed, “Yes, I was quite popular.”

Wanted to be a football player

When asked if he had always aspired to be an actor, he replied, “No, during my younger days, my dream was to become a football player. Acting, on the other hand, happened to me unexpectedly. I started engaging in acting activities around sixth grade, but I didn’t initially realize that I wanted to pursue it as a career. It was simply a fun experience for me. Sometimes, you enjoy the process and the activity so much that you don’t even contemplate your ultimate career path. It was when I began receiving payment for doing what I loved that the idea of an acting career started to take shape.”

With his increasing fame and exceptional talent, Vyom Yadav is undoubtedly an emerging star worth keeping an eye on in the entertainment industry. The exclusive streaming of the series “Garmi” can be enjoyed on Sony Liv.

First on-screen appearance

While discussing his beginnings, the actor revealed that his first appearance on screen was in the Dream 11 Ad. He shared, “I went through quite an intense audition process for it. So basically, what happened was I remember auditioning for it when I was still in college, and it used to be quite a chaotic situation for me. Let me explain why. Let’s say it’s 2 PM right now, and I’m in the middle of a class, and the casting director was in Delhi. So he called me and said, ‘Vyom, the audition for Dream 11 is happening right now.’ I was overjoyed and filled with excitement. He used to tell me, ‘Vyom, wear something casual.’ Sometimes, my friends would be wearing something that I thought would suit the character better. I would wear those clothes and then travel for at least 45 minutes to an hour because my college was in Dwarka, and the casting sessions took place in South Delhi. And that’s how I landed my first acting gig.”