Pavan Sharma is originally from Hyderabad, and he enrolled in the PGPX program at IIM-Ahmedabad after successfully completing his Chartered Accountancy (CA) course.

In 2022, Pavan Sharma, the son of a farmer, made history by securing the highest annual package of Rs 75.2 lakh during the domestic placements of the PGPX program at IIM Ahmedabad.

Interestingly, just a few years ago, Pavan Sharma earned a salary of Rs 3,000 in his first job as an accountant. Hailing from Hyderabad, he pursued his Chartered Accountancy (CA) course before enrolling in IIM-Ahmedabad’s PGPX program.

After successfully completing his Chartered Accountancy (CA) in 2014, Pavan Sharma gained work experience at Grant Thornton from 2014 to 2021 before deciding to pursue admission at IIM-A. Pavan Sharma shared that he comes from a family of farmers and chose to pursue commerce in his academic journey due to its comparatively lower cost.

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Currently, Pavan Sharma is employed at the digital division of a multinational company in India.

In regards to his preparation for securing the substantial offer, Pavan Sharma shared with ToI, “When it comes to placements at top B-schools, there is typically a baseline where nearly all candidates in the pool meet the required criteria. Therefore, companies present real-life scenarios for candidates to tackle. In my case, I was given a real-life scenario and asked to find a solution. It was not essential to immediately provide a solution or resolve the scenario, but the approach I took allowed employers to gain insight into my thought process.”

According to Pavan Sharma, companies seek individuals with an “entrepreneurial mindset,” and young business leaders must possess knowledge about the digital ecosystem.