When Gaurav Singh Kushwaha met Ratan Tata for the first time in Mumbai, he was left speechless. His aspiration was to secure an investment from the legendary entrepreneur.

Gaurav Kushwaha, an entrepreneur with a remarkable journey, founded BlueStone jewellery in 2022, following the acquisition of his first startup by Flipkart in 2011. Based in Bengaluru, his company holds the prestigious distinction of securing a personal investment from the iconic Indian businessman, Ratan Tata. Gaurav’s entrepreneurial path began in 2006, at the age of 27, when he established his first website. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, he gained valuable experience working at Amazon for over four years.

During his initial encounter with Ratan Tata in Mumbai, Gaurav Kushwaha found himself at a loss for words. His intention was to seek an investment from Tata, while his wife had requested a photo with him. Gaurav faced the challenge of initiating a conversation with the iconic businessman, unsure of where to begin.

Contrary to expectations, it was Ratan Tata who initiated the conversation with Kushwaha, breaking the ice between them.

In an earlier interview, Gaurav Kushwaha expressed that the name of Ratan Tata carries immense weight, evoking a sense of awe in people. However, he described Tata’s personality as charming and gentle, contrary to the overwhelming perception associated with his renowned name.

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During a previous interview, Gaurav Kushwaha shared his perspective on Ratan Tata, acknowledging the immense impact and reverence his name commands. However, Kushwaha also revealed that Tata’s true personality is characterized by charm and gentleness, which contrasts with the overwhelming perception often associated with his illustrious reputation.

In the previous year, Kushwaha’s company secured a funding round of Rs 230 crore, valuing the company at 410 million dollars. Based on current exchange rates, this amounts to approximately Rs 3387 crore in Indian currency.

During an interview last year, Gaurav Kushwaha highlighted that 90 percent of customers tend to create a shortlist of products online but ultimately complete their purchase at a physical retail store.

The company has set its sights on achieving a revenue target of Rs 2000 crore in the coming year.

In the financial year 2022, the company recorded a revenue of Rs 476.6 crore.