Curious to know Shera, Salman Khan’s loyal bodyguard’s yearly income and his collection of swanky cars and bikes? Keep reading to find out.

Gurmeet Singh Jolly, also known as Shera, has become a celebrity in his own right due to his decades-long association with actor Salman Khan as his loyal bodyguard. His unwavering loyalty has earned recognition from the actor’s family and fans. In this article, we will take a look at Shera’s journey with Salman, from how it all began to his earnings and what Salman means to him.

How Shera became Salman’s Bodyguard

According to media reports, Shera had a background in bodybuilding and won various championships between 1987-1988. He started working as a high-profile bodyguard in 1993 and escorted many international celebrities before working for Salman Khan, such as Michael Jackson, Jackie Chan, Will Smith, and Keanu Reeves. The first time Salman met Shera was at a show by singer Whigfield, and then they met again at Keanu Reeves’ party in 1995. Sohail asked Shera to become Salman’s bodyguard, and he handled his security during his first show in Chandigarh in 1998. Since then, Shera has remained loyal to his ‘Maalik’ and is willing to make any sacrifice for the actor.

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Shera’s net worth

Various media reports suggest that Shera earns an annual salary of Rs 2 crores. According to a report from Republic World, Shera earns Rs 15 lakhs per month, which amounts to approximately Rs 1,80,00,000 per year. This information was reported in June 2021.

Shera’s Love for Cars and Bikes

In June 2021, Shera added a Mahindra Thar to his collection of vehicles. Apart from this, he is also the proud owner of a Kawasaki superbike and a luxurious BMW, which are part of his impressive collection of two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Shera’s Security Agency

In addition to being Salman Khan’s bodyguard, Shera is also a successful entrepreneur. He owns Tiger Security, a security agency that provides security services to various celebrities around the world. Tiger Security was even mentioned in the Salman Khan-starrer film “Bodyguard” (2011), and Shera made a special appearance in the film’s title song.

Shera’s Eternal Loyalty to Salman Khan

According to a web portal interview with Shera, he expressed his loyalty and love towards Salman Khan, stating that he considers him as his god and is willing to lay down his life for him. Shera also mentioned that he will always be with Salman as long as he is alive. Furthermore, it has been reported that Salman will be launching Shera’s son, Abhir.