Harshal Juikar, a student hailing from Pune, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing an impressive annual salary package of ₹50 lakh from the renowned American tech giant, Google. This groundbreaking achievement was reported by News18. Harshal, currently enrolled at MIT-World Peace University, successfully completed his MSc in Blockchain Technology.

When asked about his journey, Harshal Juikar expressed his determination to pursue his passion, despite facing numerous challenges and doubts along the way. He attributed his success to staying true to himself and venturing into unconventional paths.

In addition to his triumph, Harshal shared valuable advice for fellow students aspiring to work in prestigious companies. He emphasized the importance of curiosity, persistence, and fearlessly exploring uncharted territories to discover one’s true purpose.

The student also extended his gratitude to the supportive faculty at the university, and the Vice-Chancellor of MIT-WPU, Dr. Ravikumar Chitnis, expressed immense pride in Harshal’s outstanding accomplishment.

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What makes Harshal’s achievement even more noteworthy is the fact that tech giants typically hire college graduates with engineering or management backgrounds. However, Harshal Juikar has broken this trend by securing a high-paying job without holding an engineering or management degree.

Earlier this year, Avni Malhotra, a student from Jaipur studying at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sambalpur, also made headlines by accepting a job offer from Microsoft with an annual package of ₹64.61 lahks. The achievement of Avni Malhotra was covered in a recent report by Wall Street Journal, which ranked Facebook and Google among the top three highest-paying companies.

The success of Harshal Juikar and Avni Malhotra serves as an inspiration to students across the country, showing that dedication to one’s passion can lead to remarkable accomplishments in the corporate world.