Gaurav Budania, an exceptional UPSC candidate, passed the test on his initial attempt in 2020 with an AIR 13, exemplifying his outstanding achievement.

Succeeding in the UPSC, one of the toughest exams necessitates significant effort and preparation. While some individuals take this exam multiple times before achieving success, only a few pass it on their first try. Gaurav Budania, who attained an AIR 13 in 2020 on his initial attempt, stands out as an exceptional UPSC candidate. Discover his remarkable accomplishment and the paths he took to reach success.

Who is Gaurav Budania?

Gaurav Budania hails from Churu, Rajasthan, and was born and raised there. After completing high school, he cleared the JEE test and obtained a B.Tech. degree from BHU. Subsequently, he pursued an MA in Sociology at a university in Bikaner. Upon completing his postgraduate degree, he chose to prepare for the UPSC.

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Gaurav is one of the exceptional applicants who passed the UPSC test on their first try. His achievement of becoming an IAS officer on his initial attempt is attributed to his effective approach.

IAS Gaurav Budania’s UPSC strategy

Gaurav emphasizes the importance of limiting the information used for exam preparation and strictly adhering to a well-defined plan. These elements are essential for success. According to Gaurav, if you aspire to prepare for the UPSC, you must always progress with an improved plan. In his opinion, hard work, the right approach, thorough revision, note-taking, practicing writing answers, and maintaining a positive mindset are all crucial for achieving success.

In the RAS 2018 test conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), Gaurav Budania secured the 12th position. He also attained the 13th position in the UPSC examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Remarkably, within a span of just two months, he secured two prestigious officer positions, potentially making him the first individual from Rajasthan to accomplish such a feat.