Niyaz Khan is an IAS officer from the Madhya Pradesh cadre and a renowned author who has gained attention for his involvement in religious conversions in India.

Niyaz Khan, a notable author and an officer of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), has recently grabbed headlines for his views on religious conversions in India. According to the news agency ANI, Khan attributes the rise in religious conversions in India to the influence of Bollywood. The IAS officer hails from the Madhya Pradesh cadre.

“Conversion is absolutely wrong. It originated from Bollywood, where prominent film stars have been involved in converting Hindus to Muslims. This trend continues even today.”

When questioned about the responsibility of Bollywood in religious conversions, Niyaz Khan responded, “Without a doubt, Bollywood is 100 percent responsible for conversions. Bollywood has been the epitome of our nation, and people often idolize artists. The influence of Western culture, with its explicit and nudity-laden scenes depicted in movies, degrades our society and negatively impacts the younger generation.”

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Who is Niyaz Khan? What are the controversies that led him to transfer several times?

Niyaz Khan, an IAS officer belonging to the Madhya Pradesh cadre, holds the belief that Islam’s positive reputation has been marred by the negative perceptions associated with various organizations. He has authored seven books to date. Niyaz Khan has a history of involvement in controversies.

In addition, Niyaz Khan has authored a book on Abu Salem. He demonstrates a strong influence on Brahmin culture. Last year, he encountered challenges due to his remarks concerning the film “Kashmir Files.”

Previously, Niyaz Khan expressed his thoughts on his surname through a tweet. In 2019, he shared that having the last name Khan has brought him numerous challenges during his service, and the impact continues to affect him. Regarding the hijab controversy, Niyaz Khan conveyed that the headscarf safeguards our lives and provides a shield against pollutants.

Niyaz Khan has authored and published a total of eight novels to date. His latest book, “Brahmin the Great,” is gaining significant traction. In this book, he contends that Brahmins possess extraordinary intelligence and intellect. Niyaz Khan asserts that if Brahmins were granted intellectual leadership roles across various sectors and appointed as advisors, the nation could progress and an unprecedented transformation could be imminent.