Rajinder Gupta, known for transforming a modest start into a Rs 17,000 crore conglomerate, has earned the moniker of Punjab’s Dhirubhai Ambani from his colleagues in recognition of his remarkable achievements.

Rajinder Gupta is a self-made business tycoon with a remarkable career marked by tenacity, determination, and successful risk-taking. From humble beginnings, Gupta built a conglomerate worth Rs 17,000 crore, earning him the nickname “Punjab’s Dhirubhai Ambani” among his peers. His rapid ascent in the business world has become a major case study in business schools throughout the state.

In the latest annual rich lists, Rajinder Gupta emerged as the wealthiest individual in Punjab. Presently, his net worth exceeds Rs 12,368 crore ($1.5 billion). Gupta’s extraordinary journey commenced in the household of a local cotton trader. Despite facing early adversities and being compelled to leave school at the tender age of 14 during the 9th standard, Rajinder Gupta overcame these challenges. His ascent from a modest background is a testament to his inspiring rise to success.

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Rajinder Gupta initially started his career with menial jobs, including manufacturing candles and cement pipes, earning a meager daily wage of Rs 30. However, after years of hard work and perseverance, he took bold steps and calculated risks in the 1980s. His first major success came in 1985 when he successfully set up a fertilizer factory called Abhishek Industries. This venture proved to be lucrative and propelled his career further. Building on this achievement, Gupta went on to establish a joint venture spinning mill in 1991, which yielded significant dividends for him.

Following in the footsteps of the renowned business magnate who established Reliance, Gupta transformed his company into a global leader in the textile, paper, and chemical industries, with operational units in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. Gupta’s Trident Group boasts prominent clients such as retail giants JCPenney, Walmart, Luxury, and Linen. It is recognized as one of the top five terry towel manufacturers worldwide. After successfully building this conglomerate, Gupta, now 64 years old, stepped down from the board of directors at Trident in 2022 due to family and health reasons. He currently holds the title of “chairman emeritus” at the group’s headquarters in Ludhiana.