Although the United Kingdom boasts a substantial population of billionaires, it is an Indian business family that has emerged as the wealthiest family in the country.

In the United Kingdom, where the British Royal Family led by King Charles III resides, many billionaires can be found. However, in the latest financial year’s UK rich list, the Hinduja business family from India has claimed the top spot.

For the fifth consecutive year in 2023, Gopi Hinduja and his family secured the top position on the annual Sunday Times rich list of the wealthiest individuals in the United Kingdom. With an astonishing net worth and a thriving business, Gopi Hinduja and his brothers lead the multinational conglomerate known as the Hinduja Group.

The Hinduja business family, comprised of four brothers – Gopichand Hinduja, Ashok Hinduja, Prakash Hinduja, and Srichand Hinduja – has been a prominent force. Sadly, in May 2023, the patriarch of the family, Srichand S P Hinduja, passed away, resulting in Gopi Hinduja assuming the sole chairmanship of the company.

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Hinduja family net worth and businesses

Gopichand Hinduja and SP Hinduja, born in India, have gained recognition as the wealthiest duo in the United Kingdom. Although they are not British citizens, their business has experienced significant growth. The Hinduja Group, widely renowned in India, has established itself as one of the most prominent businesses, alongside Tata, Birla, and Ambani.

Following the passing of his brother SP Hinduja, Gopichand Hinduja is now regarded as the wealthiest individual in the United Kingdom. In fact, his total net worth surpasses that of both Google CEO Sundar Pichai and UK billionaire Jayshree Ullal combined, as reported by Forbes.

While Sundar Pichai’s net worth amounts to approximately Rs 10,018 crore and Jayshree Ullal’s net worth stands at around Rs 18,199 crore, Gopichand Hinduja boasts a staggering net worth of USD 21 billion, which converts to over Rs 1.73 lakh crore in Indian currency.

With the inclusion of his late brother SP Hinduja, the Hinduja duo stands as the wealthiest family in the world, boasting a combined net worth exceeding USD 36 billion, equivalent to approximately Rs 2.968 lakh crore. Gopichand Hinduja leads the diversified Hinduja Group, which specializes in the finance, textiles, automotive, oil, media, and real estate sectors.