In 2020, Sherin joined the Absolute IAS Academy in Thiruvananthapuram, established by Dr. Jobin Kottaram, a renowned novelist and motivational speaker.

Sherin Shahana TK, aged 26, believes that success results from consistently taking small actions every day. Despite experiencing occasional disappointments, she remains steadfast in her unyielding hope. For Sherin, passing the civil services exams holds far greater importance than any other accomplishment, even surpassing the dream of exploring the vastness of the seven seas.

T K Sherin Shahana, the youngest of four daughters to an illiterate Muslim daily laborer, had always considered the ambition of joining the civil service to be beyond her reach. However, she displayed remarkable perseverance, even after an unfortunate incident left her confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her life.

Sherin Shahana, a resident of Kambalakkad village in Wayanad district, Kerala, ranked 913th overall in the civil service examinations. Unfortunately, a freak accident left her in a wheelchair, and she also suffered memory loss due to the incident and subsequent fall.

In 2017, Shahana had an accidental fall from the terrace of her house. Tragically, she was on the verge of realizing her childhood dream of pursuing a career in the civil service at that time. The fall forced her to undergo bed rest for more than a year and eventually left her confined to a wheelchair.

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Sherin experienced a fall that resulted in quadriplegia, but she was not alone in facing this adversity. Her friends and well-wishers stood by her side, providing support and assistance. Despite the catastrophic event, Sherin displayed remarkable resilience and determination. She not only successfully passed the UGC-NET examination but also resumed her academic pursuits. Sherin embarked on her journey as a research scholar in international relations at the University of Calicut.

Before enrolling at a college in Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad, Sherin received her post-graduate degree in political science. Her earlier education took place in a local government school.

In 2020, Sherin joined the Absolute IAS Academy, situated in Thiruvananthapuram, which was established by Dr. Jobin Kottaram, a novelist and motivational speaker. The academy provided a specialized program called “Butterfly” tailored for students with physical disabilities aspiring to serve in the public sector.

Months ago, Sherin traveled to Thiruvananthapuram to participate in a practice interview. It was the first time she had embarked on such a lengthy journey since the incident. Fellow students from Absolute Academy came to her aid, providing assistance throughout her travel and helping her navigate in a wheelchair as she made her way to Delhi for the UPSC interview.

Sherin stated that she had not yet made a decision regarding retaking the UPSC exam with the aim of improving her score. She mentioned that this was her second attempt, and is classified as a person with benchmark disabilities (PwDB), she believed securing a more favorable service was possible.

Sherin’s mother, Anima, completed her studies until Class 4, while her father, Usman, who passed away in 2015, never had the opportunity to attend school. Due to financial constraints, Sherin’s two older sisters had to discontinue their education after completing Class 10. However, their other older sister, Jalisha, persevered and is currently a research scholar in mathematics.