According to reports, Madhu Mantena, the ex-husband of Masaba Gupta, tied the knot with Ira Trivedi, a writer and yoga teacher, in a private wedding ceremony surrounded by close friends and family.

On Sunday, June 11, Ira Trivedi and film producer Madhu Mantena officially became husband and wife. They exchanged their vows and embarked on a new chapter in their lives during a wedding ceremony held at the JW Marriott in Juhu, Mumbai.

As per reports, Madhu Mantena, the former spouse of Masaba Gupta, tied the knot with Ira Trivedi, a writer and yoga teacher, in a small and personal wedding ceremony witnessed by their close friends and family members.

Despite a 9-year age difference, Madhu and Ira discovered love in each other. They both opted for traditional attire for their wedding ceremony. Madhu wore an off-white kurta dhoti and a matching ‘pagg’ (turban) for the special occasion, while Ira looked stunning in a beautiful pink silk saree adorned with a gold statement belt. She accessorized her outfit with a large necklace, a trendy maang tikka (forehead ornament), and a bun adorned with white flowers. The newly married couple seems to be deeply in love with each other. Ira shared the pictures with her fans and expressed, “I am now complete.”

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Who is Ira Trivedi?

Ira Trivedi is a versatile Indian personality recognized for her contributions as a writer, columnist, and yoga instructor. Her literary works span both fiction and nonfiction, with a special focus on women’s issues and gender dynamics in India. She has authored several notable books, including “There’s No Love on Wall Street,” “What Would You Do to Save the World?” and “India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century.” Through her writings, Trivedi delves into and sheds light on various aspects of contemporary Indian society, offering her readers insightful and unique perspectives. Alongside her writing, she is renowned for her passion as a yoga instructor, advocating for the significance of holistic well-being encompassing both physical and mental health.

Ira Trivedi, born in Lucknow, India, hails from a literary lineage as her grandmother is the renowned writer Kranti Trivedi.

Trivedi began practicing yoga during her time as a student at Wellesley College, where she earned a degree in economics in 2006. Continuing her academic pursuits, she went on to obtain an MBA from Columbia University.

Trivedi’s dedication to yoga enabled her to successfully complete the prestigious Acharya training program at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. This comprehensive training deepened her knowledge and practical expertise in yoga, solidifying her position as a yoga teacher and empowering her to share her experience and passion with others.