Every day, Karmila Toppo, a primary school teacher, crosses the river to reach the school in Dhourpur village, in the district. She does this with the aim of “building the future of the children.” According to Toppo, there is no alternative route to access the school, as she informed ANI.

“I have to cross two rivers on my way to the school, and there is no other way. I come daily to ensure the children’s future is nurtured,” she expressed.

Karmila Toppo resides in Vadrafnagar with her spouse and their two kids. Her husband is also a teacher posted in another development block of the district. To reach her school in Dhaurpur, Karmila commutes from Vadrafnagar using a scooty. She parks the scooty in Madhna village, which is close to the river. From there, she manages to reach her school despite the river in between, where she has to cross waist-deep water.

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Furthermore, Balrampur Collector Rimijiyus Ekka praised Karmila for her dedication and encouraged other teachers to stay devoted to their responsibilities. “Undoubtedly, this teacher is sincerely committed to her work. I hope to see similar dedication from other teachers as well. They should also fulfill their duties faithfully and arrive at school on time,” said Collector Ekka.