This IAS officer attempted the UPSC CSE three times before successfully cracking it on her third attempt. Discover her inspiring journey here.

In the pursuit of cracking the most challenging recruitment exam in the world, the UPSC, numerous individuals dedicate their time and effort to focused preparation and often seek coaching. Today, we will shed light on Sarjana Yadav, one of the millions of aspirants.

Sarjana Yadav, originally from Delhi, pursued her engineering degree at Delhi Technological University (DTU). After completing her post-graduation, she joined TRAI as a research officer. Despite being employed, Yadav remained resolute in her determination to crack the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer.

Despite having a full-time job, Sarjana Yadav managed to prepare for the IAS exam. Even more impressive is that she achieved this feat without assistance from coaching centers, relying solely on her self-preparation. It is truly remarkable that Sarjana cracked the UPSC exam through her own efforts and determination.

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In 2019, Sarjana Yadav, an IAS officer, successfully cracked the UPSC exam and achieved an All India Rank (AIR) of 126. Her journey involved appearing for the UPSC CSE three times, and she ultimately emerged victorious on her third attempt.

In an interview, Sarjana expressed her belief that the decision to take coaching for the UPSC exam depends on the candidate’s personal desire. She stated, “If you have confidence in your study material and a well-designed strategy for the UPSC, success can be achieved through self-study alone.” According to her, the choice ultimately rests on the individual’s approach and conviction.

In 2018, Sarjana made the decision to fully commit her time and energy to UPSC exam preparations, leading her to resign from her job.