Kairan Quazi, at the age of only 14, is set to become the youngest software engineer at SpaceX.

Once again, the significance of age has been challenged as a 14-year-old boy, Kairan Quazi, was recently hired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Quazi, now the youngest person ever to join the company, will be working as a PHP Software Engineer. His exceptional skills and abilities were evident during SpaceX’s rigorous and enjoyable interview process, which he successfully completed. So, who is Kairan Quazi?

Kairan Quazi, originally from San Francisco, has graduated from the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University (SCU). In a post on LinkedIn, Quazi announced his exciting venture as a member of SpaceX’s Starlink team. Remarkably, Quazi’s academic journey began at the age of nine when he enrolled at Las Positas Community College. He achieved an Associate of Science degree in Mathematics with the highest distinction. Reflecting on his experience at Santa Clara University, Quazi mentioned that while his initial presence sparked curiosity among his peers, it didn’t take long for them to realize that he is just an ordinary person.

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In addition, Quazi expressed his excitement about joining what he considers to be the most remarkable company on Earth. As a Software Engineer, he will be a part of the esteemed Starlink engineering team. He acknowledged SpaceX as one of the rare companies that did not judge his capabilities and maturity solely based on his age, recognizing the importance of looking beyond arbitrary and outdated proxies.

According to his LinkedIn bio, the exceptionally talented individual has gained practical experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) through a multi-year cooperative education program at a Fortune 100 technology company, as well as a summer internship at a venture capital-backed cyber intelligence start-up.

During his time at Las Positas, Quazi also served as a STEM tutor and quickly became one of the most highly sought-after members of the tutoring staff. Reflecting on his experience, he expressed how he transitioned from being a rebellious third grader to feeling intellectually validated through his academic pursuits.

Quazi mentioned that his involvement in generative AI alongside Lama Nachman, the Director of the Intelligent Systems Research Lab at Intel Labs, had a significant impact on his career path. He expressed his gratitude towards his mentors, both from Santa Clara University and Intel, who provided him with opportunities to transcend the limitations of his age. Quazi expressed eternal appreciation for their recognition of his worth, trust in his abilities, and commitment to nurturing his development. He eagerly looks forward to carrying these valuable lessons into his professional journey.