IAS officer Sivaguru left his education and started working as a sawmill operator after being inspired by his hardworking mother and sister who worked day and night.

Many Indians dream of becoming an IAS officer by cracking the UPSC exam, and we often hear stories of the struggles and hardships that aspirants face. In this article, we will discuss an IAS officer who overcame numerous obstacles to succeed in the UPSC exam.

Meet IAS officer M Sivaguru Prabhakaran, who was born into a family of farmers. Due to financial struggles, every member of his family had to work in the fields, including his mother and sister who also made baskets at night. His father was an alcoholic, and in this environment, Sivaguru left his education to work as a sawmill operator.

“I worked as a sawmill operator for two years and did some farming. I spent some of the money on my family and saved the rest for my education. I was determined to pursue my dreams,” stated Sivaguru Prabakaran during an interview.

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Despite working at a factory, Sivaguru did not give up on his dream. He resumed his studies after his sister got married and helped his brother pursue education.

Sivaguru enrolled in civil engineering at Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology in Vellore in 2008.

Sivaguru, while studying civil engineering at Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology in Vellore, would spend his weekends studying and sleeping at the platforms of St. Thomas Mount railway station. During the weekdays, he would attend his college in Vellore and work part-time to support his education.

IAS officer Sivaguru Prabhakaran remained focused on his goal despite all the hardships and successfully cracked the IIT-M entrance. He completed his M.Tech in 2014 and then set his sights on cracking the UPSC exam. After four attempts, Sivaguru finally achieved his dream and secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 101.