According to reports, Reuben Singh treated himself to five Rolls Royce cars in various colors on the last Diwali. He now owns a total of 15 Rolls-Royce vehicles, although the specific models and customizations are not yet disclosed.

While most people aspire to own a single Rolls Royce in their lifetime, Indian-origin UK-based entrepreneur Reuben Singh is living his dream as a passionate car enthusiast. His garage is filled with numerous cars, particularly Rolls Royce vehicles.

Reuben Singh made waves on social media when his pictures posing alongside his Rolls Royce collection, matching his turban color, went viral. With a collection of high-value cars worth billions of dollars, Reuben Singh showcases an impressive automobile array.

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Reuben Singh allegedly treated himself to five Rolls Royce cars of various colors on the previous Diwali. Presently, he owns a collection of 15 Rolls-Royce vehicles. However, the specific models and customizations of these cars are currently undisclosed.

In addition to his fleet of 15 Rolls Royce vehicles, Reuben Singh also possesses a Lamborghini Huracan valued at over Rs. 3.22 Crore. Furthermore, he owns the exceptionally rare Bugatti Veyron, starting at a price of Rs. 12.95 Crore.

Some of Reuben Singh’s other cars include a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, a Porsche 918 Spyder, and a Pagani Huayra.

Who is Reuben Singh?

Reuben Singh’s family came from India to the UK in the 1970s. He owns Isher Capital, a private equity firm, and AlldayPA, a customer service outsourcing company. He is sometimes called the British Bill Gates and he says his Sikh faith gives him strength and pride.