Sofia Ansari gained fame on TikTok and later on Instagram, where she is known as a model, actress, and social media influencer.

While Sofia Ansari may not be a mainstream film star, her social media presence competes with that of many leading actresses. With nearly 10 million followers on Instagram, this model-turned-influencer captivates her audience with her alluring and mesmerizing dance videos.

Sofia Ansari Tiktok star

Sofia Ansari, born in 1996 in Gujarat, hails from a Muslim family. Her rise to fame began around 2018 when she started creating viral dance videos on TikTok, amassing a massive following of millions of followers.

Sofia Ansari Instagram

After the ban of TikTok in India, Sofia Ansari shifted her focus to Instagram as her primary platform. There, she continued to gain popularity by creating viral Reels and regularly sharing captivating photos and videos that garnered significant attention.

Sofia Ansari controversies

In 2021, Sofia Ansari faced criticism from several YouTubers, including Carryminati and Shivam Singh Rajput, for her provocative content. As a response, she expressed her intention to take legal action against those individuals.

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Sofia Ansari Instagram ban

In 2022, Sofia Ansari’s Instagram account was suspended due to a violation of community guidelines. According to reports, a few of her posts featuring semi-n*de pictures were the reason behind the suspension.

Sofia Ansari web series and music video

Sofia Ansari expanded her career by venturing into the world of web series. She starred in the popular MX Taka Tak Fame House and also made appearances in several music videos, showcasing her versatility beyond her social media presence.

Sofia Ansari net worth and earnings

According to reports, Sofia Ansari’s earnings from her social media presence and other appearances exceed Rs 90 lakh per year.