Pilkhuwa, Uttar Pradesh: Aashna Chaudhary, an inspiring individual with a passion for serving the nation, has emerged as a shining example of determination and resilience. A young IPS officer, Aashna secured an impressive 116th rank in the highly competitive UPSC examination in 2022, achieving her goal after facing significant challenges.

After two unsuccessful attempts, Aashna refused to be disheartened and persevered with unwavering dedication. Her unwavering spirit and self-confidence played a crucial role in her eventual success on her third attempt. Impressively, she secured a remarkable 992 mark, clearing all stages of the UPSC exam.

Hailing from Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh, Aashna’s journey was far from easy. However, her academic excellence and commitment to public service were evident from the beginning. She completed her BA in English Literature with honors from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi, in 2019. Soon after, she embarked on her UPSC preparation journey while pursuing a master’s degree in international relations at South Asian University.

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Beyond her academic pursuits, Aashna also demonstrated her compassionate nature by contributing to society through her association with an NGO dedicated to educating underprivileged youth.

A proud moment for her family, Aashna’s father, Dr. Ajit Chaudhary, serves as a respected professor at a public institution. Her mother, Indu Singh, has been a pillar of support throughout her journey.

Embracing the power of social media, Aashna effectively utilizes platforms like Instagram, where she enjoys a substantial following of 120K users. Her Instagram account offers glimpses of her inspiring journey and motivates others to follow their dreams relentlessly.

Aashna Chaudhary’s story serves as a reminder that with determination, hard work, and self-belief, anyone can overcome adversities and make a significant impact on society. Her success in the UPSC exam is a testament to the potential that lies within every individual who dares to dream big and pursue their goals with passion and tenacity.