Learn how Anukriti Sharma accomplished her goal of becoming an IPS officer despite multiple failures.

IPS officer Anukriti Sharma garnered significant social media acclaim for assisting an elderly woman in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, in obtaining electricity. While many are familiar with Anukriti Sharma’s journey after joining the IPS, only a few are aware of her remarkable path to success. Discover how Anukriti Sharma achieved her ambition of joining the IPS despite numerous setbacks.

Who is Anukriti Sharma?

Anukriti Sharma, a member of the 2020 IPS batch, hails from the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan. Her mother worked as a teacher, and her father served in the 20-point department. Anukriti completed her education at Indo Bharat International School in Jaipur. Subsequently, she obtained a Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (BSMS) degree from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Kolkata.

During her time as a student, Anukriti Sharma met Vaibhav Mishra, a native of Banaras. Their friendship gradually blossomed into love. In 2012, both were admitted to Ph.D. programs at Rice University in Houston, Texas. As Vaibhav expressed his desire for Anukriti to accompany him to the United States, their families advised them to marry first. Consequently, they tied the knot in 2013.

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Employment at NASA

Anukriti asserts that while pursuing her Ph.D. in the United States, she received a job offer from NASA to conduct volcano research. According to Jagran, they both earned more than Rs 2 lakh per month. However, Anukriti eventually returned to India. In the 2014 National Eligibility Test (NET) Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) exam, Anukriti secured the 23rd rank, while her husband Vaibhav Mishra achieved the top position.

Afterward, Anukriti and Vaibhav began preparing for civil services while residing in Banaras. During their UPSC preparations, they supported and aided each other.

In 2015, Anukriti and Vaibhav appeared for the examination for the first time. However, Anukriti only cleared the prelims and not the mains. On her second attempt, she failed to pass the prelims. Although she reached the interview stage on her third try, she was not selected.

In 2018, Anukriti secured the 355th rank and was appointed to the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) on her fourth attempt. However, her ultimate goal was to become an IPS officer. Anukriti fulfilled her dream of becoming an IPS officer by applying to the UPSC for the fifth time in 2020. She then served as an IPS trainee in Lucknow. Currently, IPS Sharma holds the position of Assistant Superintendent of Police for Bulandshahr. Anukriti’s partner, Vaibhav, works as a teacher at a coaching facility in Delhi.