Arun Kumar Sinha, an IPS officer, has been appointed once again as the Director of the Special Protection Group (SPG), responsible for ensuring the security of the Prime Minister.

Arun Kumar Sinha, a highly respected IPS officer from the prestigious 1987 batch, currently serves as the Director of the Special Protection Group (SPG). In this esteemed role, he is entrusted with the crucial task of ensuring the security of the esteemed Prime Minister of India, as well as former prime ministers. In a remarkable development, the central government has officially announced his reappointment as the Director of the SPG for a period of one year, starting from May 31, immediately after his retirement.

To adhere to the complex regulations regarding the extension of an IPS officer’s tenure, Arun Kumar Sinha has been granted a renewed appointment on a contractual basis. The decision was carefully formulated and approved by the esteemed Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, and subsequently, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) issued an official order to authorize and validate his reappointment.

Arun Kumar Sinha has had an extraordinary professional journey in the police force, notably in the vibrant state of Kerala. His notable achievements include serving as the Additional Director General of Police (Special Services and Traffic) in Kerala, where he exhibited unwavering dedication. He has made significant contributions in the areas of women’s security, and NRI affairs, and has shown immense courage and determination during his tenure in the Border Security Force (BSF). With a deep understanding of security protocols and the complexities of law enforcement, Arun Sinha effectively leads a formidable team of approximately 3,000 highly skilled commandos, carefully selected from various police forces across the nation. His exemplary leadership has earned him great respect in his field.

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The decision to reinstate Arun Kumar Sinha as the Director of the SPG comes at a crucial moment, coinciding with the recent implementation of new guidelines for the SPG issued by the government. Under these revised regulations, an Additional Director General (ADG)-a level officer from the esteemed Indian Police Service (IPS) will now assume the leadership role in the SPG, ensuring an effective management framework for the personnel responsible for the security of the esteemed Prime Minister. Additionally, junior officers will be carefully selected and appointed on deputation for an initial period of six years.

As per the directives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the central government will now assign officers from the All India Services for deputation within the SPG. These officers will be subject to the existing terms and conditions applicable to officers of equivalent rank within the central government hierarchy. It is important to emphasize that the headquarters of the SPG will continue to be located in the esteemed city of New Delhi. The appointment of the Director will exclusively be granted by the central government, at the distinguished rank of Additional Director General of Police from the esteemed Indian Police Service.

According to the new regulations, the Director of the SPG will hold authority over the general management, direction, command, control, supervision, training, discipline, and administration of the SPG. The specific nature and level of support provided to the Director and the esteemed members of the SPG will be clearly defined and outlined by the central government through carefully formulated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), aligned with the provisions laid out in the Special Protection Force Act of 1988 (34 of 1988).