Let’s explore the success story of Jayaguru Achar Hinder, an ex-engineer who transitioned to the field of cow farming as his new career path.

While numerous engineering graduates opt for careers in prominent corporations to progress professionally, Jayaguru Achar Hinder, a civil engineer by education, took an entirely divergent path. Instead, Jayaguru ventured into cow farming, which has proven to be a lucrative endeavour, surpassing his previous income. Let’s delve into the success story of Jayaguru Achar Hinder, a former engineer who transitioned to cow farming as his new vocation.

Who is Jayaguru Achar Hinder?

Jayaguru Achar Hinder hails from Mundru Village in Puttur Taluk, located in the Dakshin Kannada district. After successfully obtaining his civil engineering degree from Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology, Jayaguru worked as a civil engineer at a private company for a year.

After completing his degree, Jayaguru worked for a private company, where he earned a monthly salary of Rs 22,000. However, in 2019, he made a significant decision to leave his job and join the family business. Despite the career shift, Jayaguru utilized his knowledge and skills to enhance and maximize the farm’s productivity. Currently, he is earning approximately Rs 10 lakh per month through this venture.

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Due to Jayaguru’s diligent research and efforts to optimize his cow farm, it has achieved remarkable success. One of his notable investments was a device that facilitates the drying of cow dung, making it more convenient for farmers to utilize. As a result, Jayaguru single-handedly sells nearly 1000 bags of dried cow dung on a daily basis.

In addition to his achievements, Jayaguru has developed a valuable concoction called “cow dung slurry” by combining cow dung, cow urine, and water, which has proven beneficial for farmers. Each day, he preserves and sells approximately 7,000 litres of this slurry. Furthermore, Jayaguru ensures that even the water used to bathe his cows is put to good use, leaving no room for wastage in his operations.

Thanks to his exceptional level of efficiency, Jayaguru has emerged as a prosperous cow farmer who not only enjoys personal success but also simplifies the lives of other farmers he serves. Additionally, he sells 750 litres of milk on a daily basis and produces 30 to 40 kg of ghee, further contributing to his thriving enterprise.