Jeta Ram hails from Barmer, a city in Rajasthan. Growing up, his family never owned a computer, which meant he had limited exposure to technology.

Jeta Ram Choudhary’s story is truly inspiring. Despite not having the means to afford a computer as a child, he was driven by a strong work ethic and a desire to learn. Through his perseverance, he founded a company with a net worth of Rs 215 crore. He didn’t even have the resources to properly learn about computers, yet he never gave up hope.

Jeta Ram was born and raised in Barmer, Rajasthan, where his family never owned a computer during his childhood. It wasn’t until he visited a neighbor’s house that he saw a computer for the very first time. However, despite these limitations, he was determined to make something of himself and achieve success in life.

In 2018, Jeta Ram founded ASB Digital Solutions, and in just a few short years, the company has grown to an impressive net worth of over Rs 215 crore. Jeta Ram’s journey into the world of computers began when he started learning from his neighbor, and he soon realized that this was his true calling. Despite his desire to study in Jaipur, his family was unable to afford it. Instead, Jeta Ram found work at a local computer center, where he gained valuable knowledge and experience in the field.

Jeta Ram’s company, ASB Digital Solutions, specializes in a range of services such as Aadhaar KYC, money transfers, bill payments, mini ATM, ticket bookings, two-wheeler insurance, e-mitra, and other similar offerings.

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Jeta Ram shared with NBT that he believes honesty with oneself is a crucial factor in achieving success. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and consistently seeking out opportunities to learn and grow.

Jeta Ram initially started the company on his own, but today it has grown to include over 4,000 franchises. As a testament to the company’s success, a corporate office has been established in Jodhpur.

Jeta Ram’s ultimate goal is to establish a digital center in every village in India, with the intention of providing access to digital services linked to Aadhaar and empowering local communities.

ASB Digital Solutions is currently operating in several Indian states, including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar. The company aims to expand further and establish up to 20 lakh franchise outlets.

Jeta Ram is a self-made entrepreneur who launched and managed ASB Digital Solutions on his own, without any external support. His father works as a bus conductor.