Over four decades ago, a young science graduate took a bold step by leaving a coveted government job to venture into a nascent business, surprising his co-founder, Narayana Murthy, who is now a renowned figure in the tech industry. The ambitious science graduate was none other than K Dinesh, who played a pivotal role in the success of Infosys, the IT giant they co-founded.

Dinesh’s journey began after completing his Masters in Science from Bangalore University and securing a respectable position at a newly established government-run electric factory in the city. However, an advertisement in the newspaper caught his attention, leading him to make a life-changing decision. He resigned from his job and traveled to Mumbai to undergo Murthy’s co-founder screening tests. The same evening, he received a call from Murthy, confirming his successful entry into the world of Infosys.

Curious about Dinesh’s reasons for taking such a risk and leaving the comfort of a secure public sector job, Murthy inquired about his motivations. Dinesh’s reply has now become legendary – “Sir, I want to learn new technology, I want to learn UI/UX.”

Who is K Dinesh?

Throughout his career at Infosys, K Dinesh held various key positions, including Head of Quality, Information Systems, and the Communication Design Group, as well as Chairman of Infosys Technologies Australia. He was an expert in programming, project management, and software delivery, playing a vital role in achieving world-class benchmarks in software quality processes for the company. His expertise made him the go-to person for handling complex processes at Infosys.

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In 2011, Dinesh stepped down from Infosys’ board, but his journey did not end there. He and his wife actively engage in philanthropic initiatives through their Ashraya Hastha Trust, focusing on promoting education, healthcare, agriculture, and animal welfare. Their contributions include supporting a cancer center at the Narayana Health Hospital and establishing a clinic on their ancestral land in Mysuru city. Dinesh’s passion for literature led him to earn a doctorate in the field.

On the personal front, K Dinesh and his wife are proud parents of two daughters, Deeksha, who works for a corporate counseling firm, and Divya, an entrepreneur who owns the brand VedaEarth.

The majority of Dinesh’s wealth stems from his stake in Infosys, a company with a market capitalization of Rs 5,50,000 crore. At 69 years old, his net worth is estimated at over Rs 18,000 crore ($2.2 billion).

K Dinesh’s journey is a testament to the pursuit of ambition and the commitment to giving back to society, making him a true inspiration for many.